Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Association: Denver Nuggets (Episode 4) [FULL EPISODE]

After revisiting the nightmare of last season with the Carmelo Anthony trade drama, Nuggets head coach George Karl tries to keep this team in Denver focused and ready to get back on track in the Western Conference despite all the injuries to players like Nene and Danilo Galinari.

Along with trying to get the team back on track in the West, the Nuggets are also facing the NBA trade deadline and some possible moves to improve the team moving forward. Nene might be on the move!

The Association: Denver Nuggets Episode 4


The Association: Denver Nuggets (Episode 3) [FULL EPISODE]

As the team continues to surprise the rest of the league with their success in this shortened NBA season, the Denver Nuggets are making a name for themselves without a legitimate superstar to lead the way. Even though injuries have become a major concern for this team moving forward, Nuggets head coach George Karl remains confident that his up-and-coming squad can contend in the Western Conference.

The Association: Denver Nuggets Episode 3

The Association: Denver Nuggets (Episode 2) [FULL EPISODE]

After pulling together with no real superstar on the squad and in the post Carmelo Anthony era, the Denver Nuggets were able to reach the top of the Western Conference standings and looked like a team with great team chemistry. Despite some close calls and some injury problems, the Nuggets were able to stay afloat in the West and surprise everyone as one of the better teams in the league.

In the second episode of The Association: Denver Nuggets, George Karl looks for the leader on the squad and deals with injuries for the first time in the short regular season.

The Association: Denver Nuggets Episode 2